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April 26, 2020 New York Painter "Amazed" has reordered 3 times.

Hi this is Carlos.

Thank you for putting this product back on your site, I already used the last order from couple of month ago just finished a building with 75 units and starting another building with 86 Apt units.

The amount of hours I saved brushing I can’t even explain. In excess of 50% faster....

I’m gonna try to make a video and send to you guys so maybe you could post it if you like in your channel or website. You will truly see our finished work.

 These are new construction apartments.  

We will be looking forward to this next shipment !!!

Have great day and again thank for making this product !!!

Truly Carlos Maldonado - Maldonado painters inc.

Greetings: I'm Attila Balogh a professional painter from NZ was amazed at how easy these tools were to learn and use,  Following is my testimonial on the amazing advantages it brought to my business, and can bring to any painters project.

January 30, 2018

FasTrim Roller


We are a waterproofing and specialist painting company who deal primarily in paint solutions for damp and wet areas. We have a standard painting arm of our business, and deal with a lot of clients who have awkward and hard to access painting requirements.

Our painters have been in the trade for 30 -40 years and following is their analysis and benefits after adopting the FasTrim roller tools and system.

The big change for us here at LRBOP is the amount of time we have been able to claw back from our jobs. With FasTrim roller we are avoiding costly ladder and scaffold set up and movement time. The new system has helped us eliminate slower precision brushwork and reduce the risk of paint drips, inconsistent coverage and brush marks. We estimate that at a minimum we are speeding up our jobs by 40% and have seen more than that on a regular basis. For us that means increased customer satisfaction and reduced onsite material and time costs. Our work looks better and our clients are recommending our work to others more often.

Our painting teams have noted the following benefits from using FasTrim on their precision work.

For us this means:

  1. Less stretching and awkward movements.
  2. A decrease in the dangers of working up high, and elimination for the need to climb to reach awkward jobs.
  3. Significant reduction of muscular and overuse injuries.
  4. Significant reduction in ladder and scaffold use. [No trips or falls]
  5. Brush cutting in work now is reduced by 70-80% [Our experience has been that with FasTrim roller our cutting in brush work can be 5 times quicker when compared with our best past experience with brushes].
  6. No more taping required. [We have been able to eliminate the need for taping on nearly all our jobs]
  7. FasTrim roller can also handle our denser water proofing paints meaning we do not require multiple sleeves for our jobs.
  8. Fewer days on jobs.
  9. Easy to clean and maintain.

For the same price as our good cutting brushes we are now using FasTrim roller instead.

Liquid Rubber BOP Ltd.

Attila Balogh



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