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Pro Painters Testimonials

Below you will find testimonials from Small (1 person operations) up to companies with over 400 maintenance painters.

The Major Benefits you will find are:

  • Easy to learn and or teach to staff
  • Reduced ladder work
  • Up to 60% faster than traditional painting systems
  • Both Interior and Exterior uses
  • Reduced Brushwork
  • Reduced Taping
  • Improved profits!

April 26, 2020 New York Painter "Amazed" has reordered 3 times.

Hi this is Carlos.

Thank you for putting this product back on your site, I already used the last order from couple of month ago just finished a building with 75 units and starting another building with 86 Apt units.

The amount of hours I saved brushing I can’t even explain. In excess of 50% faster....

I’m gonna try to make a video and send to you guys so maybe you could post it if you like in your channel or website. You will truly see our finished work.

 These are new construction apartments.  

We will be looking forward to this next shipment !!!

Have great day and again thank for making this product !!!

Truly Carlos Maldonado - Maldonado painters inc.



January 30, 2018

FasTrim Roller


We are a waterproofing and specialist painting company who deal primarily in paint solutions for damp and wet areas. We have a standard painting arm of our business, and deal with a lot of clients who have awkward and hard to access painting requirements.

Our painters have been in the trade for 30 -40 years and following is their analysis and benefits after adopting the FasTrim roller tools and system.

The big change for us here at LRBOP is the amount of time we have been able to claw back from our jobs. With FasTrim roller we are avoiding costly ladder and scaffold set up and movement time. The new system has helped us eliminate slower precision brushwork and reduce the risk of paint drips, inconsistent coverage and brush marks. We estimate that at a minimum we are speeding up our jobs by 40% and have seen more than that on a regular basis. For us that means increased customer satisfaction and reduced onsite material and time costs. Our work looks better and our clients are recommending our work to others more often.

Our painting teams have noted the following benefits from using FasTrim on their precision work.

For us this means:

  1. Less stretching and awkward movements.
  2. A decrease in the dangers of working up high, and elimination for the need to climb to reach awkward jobs.
  3. Significant reduction of muscular and overuse injuries.
  4. Significant reduction in ladder and scaffold use. [No trips or falls]
  5. Brush cutting in work now is reduced by 70-80% [Our experience has been that with FasTrim roller our cutting in brush work can be 5 times quicker when compared with our best past experience with brushes].
  6. No more taping required. [We have been able to eliminate the need for taping on nearly all our jobs]
  7. FasTrim roller can also handle our denser water proofing paints meaning we do not require multiple sleeves for our jobs.
  8. Fewer days on jobs.
  9. Easy to clean and maintain.

For the same price as our good cutting brushes we are now using FasTrim roller instead.

Liquid Rubber BOP Ltd.

Attila Balogh Owner FasTrim Roller NZ.

Dennis Wilde written up in Pro Painter



Testimonial by Phil Lecca   Superior Pro services.


Deluxe home painting kit

I came across this a year ago and it's one of the best business decisions I've made. This roller has saved us many frustrating hours in painting with its versatility and use in various applications. It's really easy to use; the only thing you need to remember is not to load these rollers with paint like you regularly do standard industry rollers. Go lighter on the application and watch these go to work for you.

I have used this to cut-in lines along baseboards/molding, along exterior trim, corners, window trim, and more. The fact the tool is angled and has the ability to be attached to an extension pole has saved us countless hours of tricky ladder work along exterior trim and at times literally made jobs take half as long as expected, and that is not an exaggeration as most painters know the high altitude cutting (brushwork) can be the most time-consuming aspect of a job.

All this is done without sacrificing quality of jobs, in fact in many places it has turned out better and more even than using brush strokes alone. I take workmanship very seriously and this tool has only served to help me in that aspect as even inexperienced employees can pick up this tool and use it properly within minutes painting lines like a professional would and in half the time.

Can't say enough good things about this rolling tool, in conclusion all I can say is try it out and give it a chance to work for you. As a professional it has done wonders for me.


From: Craig Lowe “The Exclusive Painters for Holmes on Homes”
Sent: Monday, April 26, 2010 8:07 PM

 holmes-74x74.jpgJust wanted to send you a quick email in response to asking us to try the FasTrim Roller Edging tools.

 First of all one of my guys Simon who is 6’7” loves the tool he can quickly walk around the room without a ladder and have the ceiling cuts done in about five minutes. As a result we have started utilizing this tool for first coats. We give it to the guys whose brush skills are not fully developed and have them cut in rooms for the painters. So right away we have eliminated brush work for a painter.  I love this because now a $16/hr painter is cutting in a room and saving the labor of a $25/hr painter. I will give a junior painter the paint codes and have him cut in the entire house on the first coat. We cut in by brush on the second coat to tighten up the line as depending on the drywall and or texture line, the tool may not get right to the ceiling. It definitely eliminates one brush cut for sure.

 Another very strong aspect of the tool is for cutting in skylights and over stairwells. A painter only has to use this once in these areas and will be sold on the product. I also found it worked great with light colors on new construction projects as you don't really have to cut in with a brush on second coat because you can't see the line of demarcation. Great production tool in new Construction!

We have used your tools on “Holmes Inspections” a few times for all of the aspects I have just talked about. I'm sure there are many more uses for the product and will let you know as I discover them.

 I believe painters will enjoy the product if they are willing to try it, homeowners without a doubt.

 At least for me, I have found the advantage for my company. I am always looking for products that save money, make money and save precarious ladder work !

 Craig Lowe

Lowe Painting




Irvine Corporation

Jorge Ortiz

 Maintenance Training Manager

 FasTrim Roller


Mike Naef

  Mike, I am pleased to tell you that we are so impressed with the Paint Shield System, we are making it a mandatory tool to use when re-painting and maintaining all our properties.

   As you are aware, I am not a painter by trade, and consider myself an average DIY painter. So I was completely amazed when I realized I could paint like a pro using the adjustable applicator and the system’s Paint Shield Sleeves when I personally completed a color change at our training facility. I was able to cut in to the T bar ceiling from the floor with an extension pole, and completed the entire job in half the time. I didn’t need to use a ladder and the brush work was at a minimum.

   The ability of this sleeve to cut in next to ceiling or trim with a 15,000 tolerance is truly amazing and produces the high quality work we look for. In addition, with the tremendous reduction in precarious ladder work, the ease with which the tool can be learned and used, and the additional efficiencies we anticipate, we expect to realize a 50 – 60% savings in labor.

    With the cost savings on our maintenance turns, the quality of the finished product and the reduced exposure to ladder risks, I want to thank you for introducing the Paint Shield System to Irvine Company.


J. Oritz

Maintenance Training Manager


Fantastic product, Give it a Chance, you won’t be disappointed, March 18, 2014

By John Pizzi an Amazon Custormer In Buffalo NY

This review is from: Fastrim Roller Trim & Edging Kit

This product performs well and saves a huge amount of time if you are willing to learn and give it a chance. Obviously those who don’t succeed did not follow instructions on cleaning it after each load and are probably loading too much paint to begin with I am repainting all the walls in 1800 sq.ft. rental upscale condos by myself in one day with this tool. Hardly used a brush and no paint on the ceiling or trim at all. It has specific uses and if you have experience, you will utilize this tool in those situations. Thanks Dave for a great tool that has made me a lot of $$$$ with little effort.


“Was Skeptical” - Give it a Go – You will be pleasantly surprised!

I have been a professional painter in London for sixteen years, and for two of those years, I expanded my business to Calgary Alberta. That is where I first saw the tool, and although I was skeptical, I tried it on an office job that I had. It took about 15-20 minutes to adjust to using it, but I have to say it is quite impressive. I was able to cut in walls that were fifteen feet high (a stairwell) without getting on a ladder in less then ten minutes. I cut in an entire hallway, complete with 13 doors and frames and rubber base, and the ceiling along t-bar in less then twenty minutes, and that was two coats! Over baseboards it is quick and accurate and even if a groove exists and it can't reach underneath that groove, it is excellent for second coats once the line has been drawn, and an entire room can be cut in minutes.   When selling it to homeowners, I recommend that they watch the video first, and practice for a few minutes. It does have some limitations, such as stucco ceilings, but around frames, windows, base, etc it is an excellent tool. I hate gimmicks as anyone who knows me will tell you, but I fully endorse this product It saves time and is well worth the small price tag it carries. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.--------------------------------------

Keep up the good work,

~Dave Wooden

The Wooden Ladder Paint Co. Ltd

 Gwen Olsen "New Painting Contractor"

All I can say is WOW!! I consider myself a good average D.I.Y. painter, and I was skeptical of the claims made by these various edging assist tools as I had tried some styles. I am totally blown away by the Fastrim Roller!! My husband runs a construction company building private homes and commercial buildings. As I had done some of my own repaints over the years (most recently my daughter and her husband's 5000 square foot home), I wanted to tackle a new opportunity in the construction industry, and painting was a great fit with our construction business. We had a 4-plex planned and I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to start. Our regular painter offered to train me in his painting system; this is where I was exposed to these amazing tools!! Besides learning a multitude of tasks, including the use of a sprayer for painting, the paint system I was introduced to virtually eliminated the majority of the brush and ladder work on the final coat and delivered all four suites in a showroom quality finish. Using the Fastrim Roller for edging the final coat was truly amazing. The final coat in most rooms took 20 minutes or less!! At the conclusion of the project our painting contractor revealed a cost analysis on the project. This was a seniors 55+ condo unit with four suites, each about 1,275 sq. ft., a hallway connecting the suites a space of about 900 sq. ft., and four single car garages. The total project was completed in 158 hours!! We used a 3 coat (1 primer and two top coats) system. All of the woodwork and doors were sprayed white, with the exception of the commercial steel suite doors, garage entry doors and building entry doors which were painted a dark brown. Breaking out 30 hours for the hallways, the suites were painted in an amazing 32 hours per suite! Being as how I was a rookie painter, I can see where even those times could be improved on as I pick up speed. This type of paint job in our area costs an average of $3.50 per sq. ft. I was impressed to say the least to see that I could charge out my painters on new construction projects at close to $100 per hour.
I highly recommend the Fastrim Roller and this paint system.
Gwen Olsen
Brix Construction Inc

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