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"D.I.Y." Testimonials

With over 500,000 units in the hands of D.I.Y. and Professional Painters, Read what they have to say!

Here are some testimonials

D.I.Y Painter: Amazing product. I am 100% satisfied with the Fast Trim Roller. As a DIY kind of girl, living alone, this amazing roller helped me paint my apt in a quarter of the time. It came out great and with no mess or miss. I will definitely buy from Fast Trim Roller again. DIY is finally fun again J
Emily S
Montreal, Quebec

Professional Painter: Great, efficient, affordable. Those are just a few words I would use to describe the Fast Trim Roller. I have purchased the 3” and 5” kits. As a professional painter, this product helped me save time, money and get projects done quicker with more than satisfactory results. The best part, no cleaning needed due to splashes and no need to cut the walls before painting. I am a truly valued customer, and I am anxious to see what they come out with next. Keep the products coming.

Owner of Entretien Kwick ‘N’ Kleen
D.D.O., Quebec

Property management company owner: I am a true believer of Fast Trim Roller. I am a Property Manager and I have supplied my workers with this great product. They mostly use the jumbo Roller and I cannot say enough how pleased I am with the results. MY workers get the job done quickly, efficiently, and clean. There is no splashes, crooked lines, or missed borders. I am a happy Customer.

Mystic Maintenance
Montreal, Quebec

Peter & Florence from Boston: This product Works!!

Short Response: This product works exactly as advertised! We (wifie and I) highly recommend it. We will definitely be using FasTrim products in all our future projects and will recommend if to everyone we know especially those in the painting business.

Long Response: We did take the time to read the instructions and do what the videos suggested then a little practice which took all of 5 minutes. And then it was on to actually painting. Our technique was simple, we got 2 Fastrim edgers and 3 sets of rollers; one set each for the ceilings, walls and trim (windows, doors and baseboards). First we went from room to room edging and painting the ceilings. Then we did all the trim work (edging and painting), and finally the walls (edging and painting). The product(s) were easy enough to use so after the first room we simply stopped using painter’s tape all together, on everything including the baseboard to hardwood floor edging. In Conclusion: We’re not professionals, just 2 DIYers yet we were able to learn and use the fast trim products to cut our paint time in half. As I said earlier, these products did exactly as advertised. I should also add that we are not financially affiliated with FastTrim in any way; we’re just very satisfied customers.

Peter and Florence from Boston.


“A Fun Paint Job”

We are just about to start painting the lower floor or our house and desperately need to get some more of those FasTrim Roller edging sleeves. They are the best cut-in tool we have ever used and made painting our main floor 1,900 sq. ft. with a ton of windows a breeze.


No more taping and you just cut right to the edge of baseboards and windows. We're using different colors and this edging tool allowed us to keep a steady hand so we didn't even get any paint on our white ceiling, bonus!

My husband and I actually found painting "fun" he edged and I came along right behind him rolling. Fast, efficient and easy. Best tool ever, thanks FasTrim, every home owner should have one of these!

Judy Hughes


 D.I.Y Homeowner Painter Saved a “Ton of Time”

After painstakingly taping off a number of rooms in our house so that we could paint the walls a different color than the ceiling, we came to our living room with its 22-foot ceiling height. We painted one wall the traditional way, by taping the ceiling and windows off. It was a slow and scary process involving a heavy extension ladder. But we still wanted to complete the project ourselves. So, we tried a number of roller tools. None worked well. The moment you got paint on the tiny wheels, your line was ruined. After seeing the videos and testimonials on line for this roller tool, we ordered it. And I must say, this is the best tool I've ever used. I wish I'd had it for the previous four rooms we painted, because we would have saved tons of time. But for the tall ceilings in particular, the ability to change the angle on the roller tool meant I could get on a shorter, more stable a-frame ladder, and with an extension pole, paint the walls all the way up to the ceiling with a beautiful line at the top of the wall. No paint on the ceiling. This tool is going to save us a ton of time, plus make our painting jobs much safer. Great product and great customer service too!

Ann De Vries, Homeowner

paint-stop-sign.jpgPaint Store Owner

I’ve been in the paint business over 30 years, and have owned a Paint store for 20 of those years. I upgraded to a Signature BM store 7 years ago. I’ve also performed numerous paint jobs and consult on painting contracts. Over the years there have been numerous applicators that came to market claiming to help in the cutting in process. The majority of them didn’t perform very well, and or provided limited help.

Tool is Easy to learn! Finally, a tool that really helps. This amazing cutting assist tool, is sold as the world’s first roller that cuts like a brush. I have a multitude of happy customers, both professional and DIY painters who gained an advantage in the cutting in or edging process. I’ve been selling the FasTrim Roller (branded in Canada as “Cutting Edge Tool”) for over 4 years, with excellent sales to both my contractors and DIY customers”. There were only a few DIY customers who said they had problems getting started, I asked if they watched the “How To” video, if they said no, so I sent them back home to watch the video and they came back with happy reports.

One of my professional painters, was written up in Pro-Painter magazine, won’t paint without it. He states it delivers a professional finish in a fraction of the time of traditional brush work. On maintenance same color repaints he indicated it was in excess of 60% faster.

It provides my customers with help, and is a great add-on sale to my paint sales. I would encourage other store owners to add this great tool to their applicator offering. This tool is truly amazing!

If you want to chat with me, I would be happy to provide additional information. My contact info is Matt Toonders at “The Paint Stop” 403-887-2102.

Matt Toonders

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