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Eliminate the MESS

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How to eliminate or keep the mess to a minimum.

Good drop sheets that keep spills from leaking through are expensive, but drop sheets aren't the only answer!

When you paint you only paint 3-5' of wall in a load, that is the area you want to protect as well as the platform you place your tray on. Sliding drop sheets are the answer and you can make them right at home for free from cardboard boxes. They accomplish a number of tasks. You can use a flap of the cardboard to place on top of your trim to eliminate paint from splattering on the top of your trim. This will also eliminate taping. Pictured below is a slider made out of corroplast, typically used to make lawn signs. You can pick this up from most hardware stores. You cut half way through one of the flutes on the back side and it makes a perfect hinge, then use a piece of tape to hold it in the position you want it to stay in. You also use a 3'x3' piece of cardboard to place your tray on to slide around the room.

Sliding Drop sheet floor protection

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