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 Featured painting Tool Vegas Paint Show
World's Most Advance Painting System!
How to Paint 300 sq.ft. Room
in less than 40 minutes

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  • Amazed customer:This edging paint kit is just amazing. I love painting my home, but I do a terrible job taping around window and door trim. This edging roller works incredible well. I watched the video several times, and honestly didn't believe it would work. I am amazed to say - I was able to paint an entire wall, with door trim PERFECTLY even. Joanne S  - From WA
  • Amazingly easy to learn, my husband and I actually had fun painting together.
  • I performed a maintenance paint job on an 1,800 sq.ft. Condo in 8 hours by myself, made great $$$$$
  • I'm a Paint Store owners, been in business over 30 years, finally an edging tool that works and helps my customers paint!
  • Largest Maintenance company in the USA reduced repaint labor up to 60%



VIDEOS - On our video page, watch simple how-to videos, that show how easy this tool is to learn. Watch a side by side video comparison that shows the FasTrim Rollertm performing 50% faster than traditional brush painting methods.

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